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The Woosa Story | by Tyler Peh | 08-Sep-2019

Woooa was conceived because we were tired of the mattress industry. We were tired of how the industry made shopping for a decent mattress an intimidating chore – laden with jargon, false advertising and unexplainably high mark-ups. But more so, we were simply tired of the overpriced, mediocre mattresses that flood the marketplace. We knew that we could do a much better job. Thus, we set foot on our journey towards creating that one perfect mattress for the nation, to make every sleeping minute count.

We’ve traveled miles across the world and spent countless nights obsessively perfecting every detail of the Woosa Mattress. At long last, we’ve finally hit the sweet spot in creating the nation’s best mattress, and we’re excited to share it with you. Every Woosa Mattress begins its journey in the heart of Europe, where we handpicked only the most premium mattress components and co-produce them with Europe’s finest foam producers. These components are then artfully assembled and finished entirely in Belgium, before being conveyed back onto Singaporean shores for rigorous testing and quality control by us. We insist on doing things the hard way, so that you don’t have to!

Woosa Mattress Research

Our mission at Woosa is simple and straightforward: to make quality slumber a little more accessible for our sleep-deprived Singaporeans. We believe that no one should have to break the bank for a good quality mattress, which is why Woosa guarantees to deliver sincerely crafted mattresses at an honest price, 100% stress-free. No frills, no gimmicks, no nonsense. Just seriously good products that will completely transform your nightly affair.

We’re here to make bedtime exciting again.

Sleep tight, Singapore.

Tyler & Jon


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