Why are we made in Belgium?

The Woosa Story | by Tyler Peh | 21-Sep-2019

Why Belgium?

You’ve probably heard about Belgian chocolates and Belgian beers, but not so much Belgian mattresses. So unsurprisingly, the question we often get is: why did we make our mattresses in Belgium, of all places? Why not Malaysia, Batam or China- where it’s cheaper and faster?

The short answer is simply, we wanted to get the best, most reliable materials available in the industry to build the Woosa mattress, and we couldn’t find what we were looking for in Asia. Our only other options were Europe or the USA, with the latter being too far and expensive to be viable. So to Europe it was.

Unbeknownst to many people, Belgium is one of the hubs for quality mattress manufacturing in Europe, and are renowned suppliers of quality foams like latex and fabrics within the bedding industry, especially for high-end mattress companies. More than 70% of the bedding companies in the world source their components from Belgium!

To go into detail why we decided to go to Belgium:

Safety, Trust, and Certification enforcement

The many certifications of the materials used in the Woosa Mattress!


We wanted every component in the Woosa Mattress to be properly certified by the relevant independent regulatory bodies- and in Europe, they take their certifications very seriously. It is important for us to know what exactly goes into the foams, and whether it is safe for use over our lifetime.

This is extremely crucial, because it’s very easy to claim to be certified when it is not enforced and regulated. In certain Asian countries, we’ve encountered many small latex and foam producers who claim to be multi certified by organisations (like eco-institut, or LGA) when they are clearly not.

Even in Singapore, there are companies importing these mattresses and claiming that they are certified, or even selling “100% NATURAL LATEX” when they’re clearly not. There is no regulatory body here to check and enforce, and we’ll never know for sure. We didn’t want to go down that path, thus we had to ensure our sources are 100% reliable. Being transparent with the origin of our materials will hopefully provide consumers with an added peace of mind.


Technological Innovation

Our suppliers pride themselves on cutting edge R&D on foam development and foam production technology, and are constantly innovating to produce ground-breaking materials to change the way we sleep.

Working with innovative suppliers opens up many possibilities for us- we were able to tap on their expertise to repeatedly test and fully customize our foam formula and compositions to fit the typical Singaporean preference. Their willingness to adopt new ideas also allows us to do greater things, such as co-develop the amazing Woosa Cloud Foam for our Woosa Pillow.


Sonocore Latex

Quality of materials

With cutting edge technology and R&D, we’ll naturally attain high quality materials. The latex used in the Woosa Mattress for example, is made using a production methodology only available in Belgium called Sonocore, and is tested to be the most durable and breathable latex in the market, arguably better than the commonly seen Dunlop or even Talalay made latex . (We’re so proud of the latex we use that we’ll dedicate a separate blog post all about the latex used in the future!)

Other components within the mattress, such as the second layer of memory foam, is also made to be of very high density, and designed to retain lesser heat than regular memory foam. All our foams, including our HR and HD foam bases are thoroughly tested to last at least 10 years without any sagging.


Sustainability and environmental impacts

Actual photo of our Belgian Foam Factory Grounds!

We had to make sure our suppliers are producing components for the Woosa Mattress in a safe and environmentally sustainable way. Foam and fabric producers in Belgium are years ahead on sustainability and eco-consciousness than any other Asian factory. From ensuring fair sourcing of raw materials, to using their own water treatment plant, to recycling practices and using 100% green energy to manufacture, we made sure the Woosa Mattress is made eco-friendly through and through.

On the surface, the Woosa Mattress may sound and look the same as the others you see on the market, but the origin of the materials and components used to make the mattress has a significant impact on all aspects of a good night’s sleep: quality, durability and overall comfort. The perfect mattress has to be made with the best materials- which is why we traveled halfway across the globe to get them!


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