2 years of research and counting.

How it all began

In search for a new bed

It came that time in our lives where we had to search for a nice new mattress for our own homes. Perhaps it was too much to ask for: a quality mattress made with honest materials at an affordable price. Alas, we couldn’t find it. Instead, we were met with crazy prices, confusing options and gimmicky marketing

Sick of the high-pressure sales environment

Enter the mattress section of your leading department store: an endless sea of mattresses, bright lights, screaming children and pushy salesman clamoring to “give you best price”. We think it’s the absolute worst way to test out a mattress. Furthermore, we’re supposed to spend thousands of dollars on something we’ve barely even tested? No thanks.

Uncovered the truth

We didn’t have to dive deep to realize that traditional mattresses are severely overpriced. These big companies have been lining their pockets with fat margins for decades. Add that with third party markups and salesman commissions, we ended up asking ourselves: how much actually goes into making that “premium” mattress?

So, we took matters into our own hands

We embarked on a journey to create an incredible sleep experience for Singaporeans.


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