• Design Process

    We started building the Woosa Mattress with quality at the forefront of our design process. The philosophy was simple- Good quality components for a good quality mattress. Each layer is calibrated to just the right thickness, just enough for the body to reap the full benefits of these premium materials while maintaining a reasonable price.

    The Woosa Mattress is the culmination of over 2 years of prototyping and A/B testing, researching on the best possible materials and combinations to create a sleeping surface that is equal parts comfortable and supportive.

  • Material & Care
    Polyester Blended Fabric 

    Polyester fibres mixed with stretchy rayon for increased moisture wicking properties.

    Sonocore Latex 

    Highest quality latex available in the market made using Sonocore technology. Unlike the traditional “baking” process used in regular latex, Sonocore Latex is microwaved for a perfect open cell consistency. Superior in durability, comfort and support than traditional Dunlop latex.

    Belgian Made Memory Foam 

    Ultra dense memory foam, with more material packed into each cm2 than traditional memory foam for better quality and durability. Unlike other memory foams that take too long to recover, our foams are formulated for responsive memory retention and better cooling.

    High Resiliency Foam 

    HR PU Foam is a class higher than regular high-density PU foam, with more material packed into every cm2. Woosa's HR foam is cold cured for perfect consistency and durability.


    • Spot clean only
    • Cover not made to be removed
  • Shipping, Warranty & Returns

    All products are shipped free to your doorstep. For areas without lift access, an additional $15/per level is payable to the delivery team.


    The Original/Mysa Mattress come with a 10 year warranty against any sagging, sinking, torn foams and poorly stiched covers. Read more here.


    Love it or receive a full refund. The Original/Mysa Mattress come with a 100-night free trial. Read more here.

  • FAQ
    Why Made in Belgium?

    We want only the very best components in our mattresses. Belgium was chosen for its high standards in quality and safety, with verifiable certifications and innovative technologies to produce the highest quality foams in the world.

    What are the Woosa Mattress Dimensions & Specifications?

    All Woosa Mattresses comes in standard Asian Size:
    Single - 91cm x 190cm x 25cm
    Super Single - 107cm x 190cm x 25cm
    Queen - 152cm x 190cm x 25cm
    King - 183cm x 190cm x 25cm

    Each Woosa Mattress weighs approximately 28-36kg, depending on size.

    Are you able to customize sizes?

    We are able to customize your Original Woosa Mattress with tolerences of up to +/- 15cm on each end for an additional $250. Drop by the Sleep Lab or contact us at support@woosa.sg for your custom order. All customized orders have a waiting time of 6-8 weeks.

    What is the firmness level of the Original Woosa Mattress?

    If we really have to put a number, the Original Woosa Mattress measures 7.5/10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. However with our unqiue foam combination, the Original Woosa Mattress will feel firmer on the lighter parts of your body, and softer on the heaveier areas.

    Should i get the Original Woosa Mattress or Mysa Mattress?

    The Original Woosa Mattress has an overall firmer, resilient feel and measures 9.5 inches tall. Our signature combination of latex and memory foam creates a balanced comfort layer suitable for all sleeping positions. We recommend the Original for users who are used to sleeping on a medium-firm mattresses, or full foam (latex/memory) mattresses.

    The Mysa Mattress is designed for a springier, plusher feel thanks to our addition of thicker latex, tiny micro-coils, and the revolutionary Woosa Cloud Foam. It is also thicker at 12 inches, with an upgraded micro-tencel silver fabric for superior cooling. We recommend the Mysa Mattress for users who sleep hot, and are used to sleeping on plushy, spring mattresses.

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Let’s look under the covers.

  • The cover

    Breathable polyester-blended cover made from high quality Belgium threads that have excellent heat dissipation and moisture wicking properties

  • Latex layerThe Comfort Layer, 4.5cm

    100% pure, hypo-allergenic latex premiumly formulated for superior comfort and excellent durability

  • Memory foam layerThe Support Layer, 4.5cm

    High density memory foam designed to offer pressure relieving support, gently hugging you to sleep

  • High density layerThe Transition Layer, 4.5cm

    Provides additional, deeper levels of comfort and support before easing into the base foam

  • High density layerThe Foundation Layer , 11cm

    Foundational support layer that has zero motion transfer when you toss and turn

Pressure Relieving

Goldilocks standard of firmness

Our unique 4 layer construction work harmoniously to create a contouring profile for all types of sleeping positions- soft at the areas of the body with high pressure, while firm at the lighter areas of the body for an overall medium-firm comfort.

Perfectly Balanced Surface

The Woosa signature combination

Our signature combination of thick premium Sonocore Latex and European Made Memory foam creates a surface that is both comfrotable and supportive. Soft bouncy latex provides resiliency and responsiveness, while the adaptive memory foam provides localised pressure relieving support. Cold cured HR foam helps with even weight distribution at a deeper level.

Temperature regulating

Heat and humidity fighting

Latex used in the Woosa Mattress is one of the most breathable in the market, thanks to it's consistent, open cell structure. Combine that with our Belgian made moisture wicking fabric for a cool, comfortable sleep throughout the night.

With every purchase:

*Subject to stock availability and location accessibility.

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It's the pillow of your dreams. Made with the revolutionary Woosa Cloud Foam.

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Adjustable Base

The perfect compliment to the Woosa Mattress for an incredible sleep experience.

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Ivan Joshua Lim

I have tried numerous mattress-in-box the past 1 year. All of them are well known brands that you see online. Currently, I'm trying out Woosa. And for the first time, I do not wake up with a back ache! I must say that Woosa mattress are pretty impress. Even thou the price is slightly steep, but the restful nights that I got speaks about the quality of the mattress. There again, everyone has different preference on the hardness of mattress. You never try, you never know! The only down side I can think of is that the delivery guy do not set up the mattress for you. But you can always do so with the help of your spouse/friend. (I managed to set it up alone, thou it took slightly longer). Glad I found something suitable. Hope it'll last for a long long time 🙂

Png Chin Teck

Currently sleeping on the cloud 9 for the past 1 year and I must say, it is extremely comfortable and sometimes, will.miss the mattress even when I am stay in an oversea hotel. Recommend all to purchase one, really affordable and comfort beyond words! 👍 Thanks Woosa for this wonderful mattress!

Desmond Lim

I received the QC mattress and later the actual new one. The QC mattress is slightly softer than the new one. Not sure if it is because it is taking time to set in. Customer service from Jon is very prompt. There were some issues with my mattress cover and they offer to exchange for new one. The pillow is well liked and nice to sleep with. Overall, I like the purchase and the service although I’m left still wondering why the two mattress feels different.

Tan YapSheng Samuel

Just got my Woosa mattress delivered. Have to say it's a great purchase. Also thanks Jon & team for the tight after-sales services.

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