• Design Process

    We wanted to create a pillow that is soft and plush, yet supportive and breathable. Different materials were explored but each possesses its own drawbacks- Memory foam pillows are supportive but sleeps hot, latex pillows are bouncy but lacks plush, down pillows are soft and plush but lose their shape over time

    With the help of our foam specialists in Belgium, we developed the Woosa Cloud Foam, a revolutionary material that combines all of our favourite properties into a single material. The Woosa Cloud Foam forms the inner core, and is wrapped in a thin, strechy, polyester blended fabric to ensure the pillow stays dry and cool throughout the night.

  • Material & Care
    Woosa Cloud Foam 

    A modified combination of Memory Foam and High Resiliency Foam with a unique cell structure for added breathability. Soft and fluffy while maintaining high levels of resilient support.

    Polyester Blended Fabric 

    Breathable polyester-blended cover


    • Spot clean
    • Gentle wash removable cover separately
    • Do not wash the foam inner core

    1. Breathable polyester-blended cover made from high quality Italian threads that have excellent heat dissipation and moisture wicking properties

    2. Unique Woosa Cloud Foam developed in Belgium for a plush, medium-firm support. How to care for your woosa

  • Shipping, Warranty & Returns

    The Woosa Pillow ships free to your doorstep within 1-3 working days.


    The Woosa Pillow come with a 3 year warranty against any sagging, sinking, torn foams and poorly stitched covers. Read more here.


    Love it or receive a full refund. The Woosa Pillow comes with a 30-night free trial. Read more here.

  • FAQ
    What are the Woosa Pillow Dimensions?

    The Woosa Pillow comes in a standard size that fits all pillowcases:
    65cm x 45cm x 13cm

    Is the Woosa Pillow made of memory foam?

    The Woosa Pillow is not made from memory foam, but from our very own Woosa Cloud Foam unique to us, made specially in Belgium. The Woosa Cloud Foam is plusher, more responsive and breathable than traditional memory foam.

    I'm a side/front/back sleeper. Will the Woosa Pillow fit me?

    The unique adaptive properties of the Woosa Cloud Foam help make the Woosa Pillow suitable for all sleeping positions.

    What is the firmness level of the Woosa Pillow

    If we really have to put a number, the Woosa Pillow measures 6.5/10 on the firmness scale, with 10 being the firmest. However the adaptive properties of the Woosa Cloud Foam offers a firmer resistance the more pressure is applied to the pillow.

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The pillow of your dreams

It's everything you could ever ask for in a pillow- soft and plush like a down pillow, supportive and contouring like a memory foam pillow, bouncy and durable like a latex pillow. Made possible using our revolutionary Woosa Cloud Foam. It is quite simply, the perfect pillow.

Specially blended fabric made in Italy

Breathable polyester-blended cover made from high quality Belgium threads that have excellent heat dissipation and moisture wicking properties

Woosa cloud foam

Revolutionary foam developed in-house that is both plush and supportive

Pressure Relief

Highly adaptive

The Woosa Cloud Foam possesses a unique adaptive capability that gently contours to heads of different shape and weight, and offers ample support regardless of sleeping positions.


Stays in shape

No shredded foams or down fillings that loses shape and strains your neck. The Woosa Pillow stays in shape and instills proper posture through the night. No fluffing required.

Pressure Relief

Incredibly comfortable

Its plush, velvety sensation and extreme breathability creates a feeling of weightlessness, making it feel like you're resting on a soft, fluffy cloud.

Meet our happy sleepers.

The Woosa free trial

Want to try the Woosa but afraid you won’t like it? We offer a free 100 nights trial so you can try it, no strings attached.

Free shipping

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Delivery and installations are free.

Quality assured warranty

All Woosa Adjustable Base come with a 5 year warranty so you can sleep assured every night.

Local singapore support

Leave the heavy lifting to us. Delivery and installations are free.

Complete your nights.


Ultimate sleeping surface that is both supremely comfortable and incredibly supportive.

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Adjustable Base

The perfect compliment to the Woosa Mattress for an incredible sleep experience.

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Hui Ping

Woosa pillow is very comfortable and am glad that I can stop buying and trying numerous pillows.

Qing Yi Tan

Purchase another WOOSA Pillow as a returning customer. The pillow is slow and plush but at the same time managed to keep its shape without collapsing like others. Have been in search for a good pillow for a long time and finally found one.

Jenna Elisabeth Nevis

Had bought the woosa pillow for my husband. He had tried pillows from other companies so I was hoping this would work for him. Turns out it didnt help much. Rather than send back the pillow I decided to try it for myself. I love it and it improved my sleep tremendously. My 3 year old daughter loves sleeping on it too! Conclusion, there's no one size fits all pillow, but for it's price point woosa is your choice. In fact I prefer it to the much more expensive tempur that my husband settled for!

Shontelle Morehouse-Allwood

Excellent investment- the pillows are very comfortable abd the service was great - easy transaction and quick delivery ! I bought the pillows as a gift for my husband and the company took the extra step to wrap and ribbon the pillows without me even requesting that - very impressed !!

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